Weekend Message Takeaway: “Loving Expression of Love”

What does love look like? This weekend, Pastor Fidel Gomez from our Hollywood campus shared a powerful message from John 13:1–20 as we see Jesus wash His disciples’ feet. Jesus showed us what true humble service looks like and then commanded us to live our lives this way . . . in service to others. 

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Let’s recap some of the key talking points from Pastor Fidel's teaching this weekend:

Jesus Knows and Understands Everything (John 13:1–4): Jesus knew that it was His time. He knew He would soon depart from His friends and they would have a daunting task ahead of them. So at this Last Supper, Jesus shared with His disciples some very powerful words of love, encouragement, and instruction. He gave them all they would need for what was to come.

Jesus Shows Love in Deed, Not Just Words (John 13:5–9): What does love look like? Jesus showed us very clearly as He did one of the most undignified things one could possibly do: washed the feet of His disciples. He showed us true humble service and then commanded us to do likewise.

Living Life Will Naturally Leave a Stain (John 13:10–11): If you’ve been saved, in Christ, redeemed and washed by His blood, then you are clean. This is what Jesus explained to Peter, who asked for a full body cleaning. Though we’ve been given a new heart and have been made clean, walking in the muck of the world stains our feet. So we need to keep coming back to the well, to the presence of Christ, to have our feet washed, to be refreshed in Him.

The Bridge to a Blessing Is to Bless Others (John 13:12–17): God didn’t give you another day of life because you needed it, but because someone else needs you. He wants to use you to change someone else’s life! This is the example of service and devotion He gives us as He bends down to wash the feet of these men—including Judas, His betrayer. The greatest blessing we can receive comes from being used by the Lord to bless others.

You’ve Been Sent So That Others May Receive Him (John 13:18–20): Why do you think you work where you work? You’ve been sent there because you are God’s expression of love to the people there.

Quote to Remember: Jesus paid a debt He didn't owe because we owed a debt we couldn't pay.Pastor Fidel Gomez

Jesus is the Son of God, the Savior of the world . . . why in the world would He take the position of a lowly servant and wash the disciples’ feet? In this article, Pastor Dan Hickling examines the significance of this action and what it means for our lives today. Click here to read the article.

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This weekend, we’ll be joined by special guest Pastor Alan Platt of Doxa Deo Church for a message from John 13:21–38. In this passage, we’ll see Jesus detail His betrayal and predict Peter’s denial.  

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