Date Your Kids Challenge

Parents, over the next few months we're going to be embarking on a very intentional journey to build up and strengthen our families here at Calvary. From conferences to in-depth teachings, our goal is to help you make the most of the time you have with your family and establish a legacy of faith and love that will define your family long after we're gone. 

Part of that initiative is something we're calling the Date Your Kids Challenge! Here's how it works:

1. Take your child on one date per month for the next six months. Dating your kids does not have to be a daunting task! Look for ways to start small. Understand that your child may not want to date you, but he or she may also be very excited to begin this process. Regardless, make a plan, know this is going to be a good relationship-builder, and commit to the process. Consider talking to your spouse, a friend, or accountability partner about this challenge so that you can be held accountable to seeing this challenge through with excellence!

2. Make a memory! Learn something new about your child each time, and keep track of what you learn. What should you do on your date? That should be determined by you and what you learn about your child as you get to know him or her. Set a budget, look for coupons, and remember the goal is relationship building. A walk around the block is just as special as your child’s favorite restaurant. As you date your child, you should be learning. Consider keeping a journal—this is very important—chronicling what you’ve learned and how your relationship is growing. Make note of what God shows you so you can make the most out of this opportunity. As you look back, time and experience will confirm to you the power of dating your child!

3. Inspire others to do the same! Post a picture on your social media using the hashtag #DateYourKids or encourage a friend to join you in this challenge.

We hope and pray that you see the benefits of dating your children as not only a means of getting to know your children and bonding with them, but also as a great tool for formational development. 

We believe this challenge should be contagious. How so? As you participate, we hope you see great value and experience a lot of joy, and that your friends and family will see it, too. We pray many will learn about and take part in this challenge because of your example. You can inspire so many people just by your actions in public; you can show them your child is important and spending time with them is important. You can be a catalyst for positive change in families throughout your community. 

If you have friends and family that are parents, consider inviting them to participate in this challenge along with you. If you’re a social media user, consider tracking your date nights by posting pictures and sharing about your experiences using the hashtag #DateYourKids. This will help you remember and will also inspire those who follow you online.  

We’re excited about what God is going to do in this challenge. Please pray the Lord would work in your family, as well as in our church city as we participate in this across our campuses!