Weekend Message Takeaway: Dead Man Walking”

At this point in John's Gospel, Jesus is terminal, and He knows it. He's one week away from death. The deal to betray Him is being worked out, and yet walks toward danger with confidence. Why? Because it's His mission! It's something only He can do, reverse the curse of Eden and crush the serpent's head. But to do that, someone has to die . . . He has to die. 

Continuing our series “The King and His Cross,” Pastor Doug shared a message from John 12:20–50, where we find Christ speaking about His impending death and coming hour of glory.

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Let’s recap some of the key talking points from Pastor Doug's teaching this weekend:

Everyone Has a Final Hour (John 12:20–23): Five times before this passage, Jesus uttered the phrase, “My hour has not yet come.” Here, though, the hour has come; the time is now. We all have an appointed time, no more, no less. God wants to use you today, where you are, to reach people, to represent Jesus and bring others to Him.

We Have to Embrace Death If We Want to Experience Resurrection (John 12:24–26): Before experiencing resurrection power and fruitfulness, there must be death. Jesus brings forth the pattern of death and resurrection for us—baptism. Beware of the promise of resurrection without death, glory without repentance. What losses have been catalysts for your growth and God’s glory?

Jesus Shows Us How to Face Death (John 12:27–33): Jesus embraces the fear, pain, and loss of control to kill the greatest enemy. He doesn’t pray for deliverance, but for the Father to be glorified. He showed us how to have the courage to embrace necessary endings. What in your life is coming to pass?

Make the Most of the Time God Gives You (John 12:34–41): Number your days. How long did you waste walking in darkness? How will you walk now? With purpose and passion? Will you lively wisely and well, in a manner worthy of the gospel? Will you make up for lost time?

Dying to Yourself is the Way to Find Life (John 12:42–50): How do you want to be remembered? Whose approval are you seeking most fervently? Will you give up your “rights,” your agenda, your plan? Will you give up “control” of your life and destiny and, like Jesus, say to the Father, “Your will be done”? Let’s die to ourselves so that our lives can be hidden—covered by—with Christ in God.

Quote to Remember: Who can you reach because you are who you are?—Pastor Doug Sauder

All things on Earth will come to an end . . . every hero and celebrity will pass away, and every king and politician will be replaced. But there’s one reign that will never end, and it started with David. In this week's featured article, Pastor Dan Hickling explains the promise of God to David, and how it affects us today. Click here to read the article.

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This Wednesday, our study of David’s life brings us to 2 Samuel 8 and 9. In these chapters we’ll learn about David’s many victories, his continuing success because of his favor with God, and how he turns to Mephibosheth for help and blesses his family, even though they were slaves.

This weekend we’ll be honoring the public servants of our city and country as Pastor Fidel Gomez of our Hollywood campus teaches from John 13:1–20. In this passage, we’ll see one of the most vivid and ultimate examples of service as Jesus washes the feet of His disciples.

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