Weekend Message Takeaway: “Am I Worth My Salt?”

Both in the ancient world and today, salt is a very special, multifaceted, and useful resource. In Matthew 5:13, Jesus describes His followers as being the salt of the earth. In this special Father’s Day message, Dr. Bob Barnes of Sheridan House Ministries provides us with six rallying points by which to measure our saltiness as Christians. 

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Let’s recap some of the key talking points from Dr. Barnes’ teaching this weekend:

My Faith in Christ Must Be Lived So Others Can See My Faith Is Real: The impact of Christ in a believer’s life must be easily observable. Jesus calls us to be salt in the lives of the people He places around us. We don’t have to look for them or search hard, we just have to notice who’s around us.

Jesus Is Calling Me to Be Salt in the Lives of the Next Generation: Salt was very different to people in the ancient world than it is to us today.

1. Salt was very valuable.
2. Salt was a symbol of friendship.
3. In the Near East, salt was used to bind a covenant.
4. Salt was a preservative.
5. Salt dissolves in order to complete its assigned task.
6. Salt is pure white.

Like salt, the Church:

1. Is called to preserve what Jesus brought into the world.
2. Is called to retard decay
3. Is called to be a cleansing agent in the world.
4. Is called to work together.
5. Is called to bring spice to our surroundings.
6. Is called to make the people around us thirsty.
7. Is called to get out of the shaker.

We Must Be Very Careful Not to Become a Salt Substitute, Offering the World Anything Other than Christ: Is my approach to life different than the world’s? My approach to entertainment? Materialism? Pleasure?

Take the SALT Test: When it comes to my life, the way I handle the people around me, my entertainment, materialism, the opposite sex, am I salt or have I lost my saltiness?

1. Do I take a stand for Christian values at work? 
2. Do I encourage the people around me to make godly decisions?
3. Do I bring godly fun into my surroundings?
4. Does my saltiness cause people to want to know more about Christ?
5. Can my children see it?
6. Can my children see my sacrifice?

True Salt in This Culture Is to Open the Shaker and Pour It Out for the Glory of God: There has probably never been a more strategic time for society to see our salt and experience generosity in a way that gives all the glory to God.

Shake These Beatitudes Out of Your Shaker. Spend Yourself for Christ: The entire Beatitudes passage began with Matthew 5:3 (NLT), which says, “God blesses those who are poor and realize their need for him, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.”

Quote to Remember: It’s time to go all in—Dr. Bob Barnes

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This Wednesday, our study of David’s life brings us to 2 Samuel 7. This chapter gives an account of a powerful encounter David had with the prophet Nathan when God promised David he would raise up an eternal heir from his descendants. And He did . . . His name is Jesus!

This weekend, we’ll resume our study through the Gospel of John as Pastor Doug teaches from John 12:20–50. Here in this passage, we’ll see Jesus speak of the coming hour in which He will be glorified as He predicts His death.

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