Weekend Message Takeaway: “Who’s Your Daddy?”

Who's Your Daddy?

There’s an old expression that says, “You don’t know who you are if you don’t know where you came from.” As Christ-followers who know we’ve been created in the image of God (imago dei), that we come from God, this expression takes on a deeper significance. Our identity is found in being children of God; we find belonging, purpose, and meaning in Him.

This weekend, we continued “The King and His Cross” with a study of John 8:12–59. In this message, Pastor Doug taught us how to know who our Father truly is as we examined an intense confrontation between the Pharisees and Jesus.

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Let’s recap some of the key talking points from Pastor Doug’s teaching this weekend:

Our Soul Longs For a Father (John 8:12–20): Jesus said, “I am the light of the world” during the time when the Jews were celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles—a festival involving four lighted menorahs. Why did He say this? Because apart from Him, we walk in darkness. And this darkness is so bad, so thick, that we not only have no idea where we’re going, but we also have no idea where we came from. But Christ came to illuminate our path, to light our way to the Father. He came to show us who we belong to and where we belong, to fill that which is missing in our lives. 

The Father Shows You What to Say and Do (John 8:21–30): Not only does a relationship with the Father give us purpose and belonging, but it also gives us guidance and wisdom. And when we do what the Father tells us to do, what He shows us in His Word, not only is He pleased with us, but we will experience life the way it was meant to be lived!

If You Know the Father, You Can Live Free (John 8:31–36): You can be free and still live as a slave. As those who were formerly slaves to sin and death before Christ, in many ways, we still don’t truly know what it means to live free; we don’t know HOW to live free. Slavery is so often self-imposed. Sadly, though, many believers walk around in denial about their present state of slavery. But when we consistently walk in the truth of Christ, soaking in His Word, being saturated by it, He will set us free. When we walk in the identity the Father gave us, we can admit the problem, see the bondage, and in Christ, we can overcome.

Reflect: Are you in bondage to a stronghold today? How did you get there? 

Just Because You Say God Is Your Father, Doesn’t Mean It’s True (John 8:37–47): The Pharisees believed they were sons of Abraham, except they didn’t have a relationship with God the Father, whereas Abraham did. Abraham was declared righteous, a friend of God, and a father of promise because of his faith in and relationship with God. But Jesus rightly pointed out that they were not sons of Abraham, but of the prince of this world, Satan. He is a liar with no truth in him and a murderer. And these religious leaders spoke the same language as the devil.

Reflect: Are you secure in the Father's love? 

We All Have to Choose a Father (John 8:48–59): Abraham chose to believe, to have faith in God, even in the face of impossible promises. He believed and trusted, and thus was called a friend of God. He was given the privilege of getting a glimpse at the fulfillment of the promise, of the revelation of Christ. Like Abraham, we have the opportunity to choose to respond to God, to receive His adoption as sons and daughters and walk in it. It all depends on our relationship with His Son.  

Quote to Remember: Identity is the strongest deterrent to sin.—Pastor Doug Sauder

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This Wednesday, we’ll continue our study of David’s life by unpacking 1 Samuel 29–30. In this message, we’ll see David make some very questionable choices as we discover the best, most biblical decision-making process and how we can apply it to our lives. Don’t miss this exciting message!

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