May Date Night Challenge Ideas

Date Night Ideas


Home Aromatherapy Spa

Head to a health food store and chose your favorite oils, scrubs, and candles in scents like lavender, rose oil, peppermint, or citrus. Use them to turn your bathroom into an aromatherapy spa! Then, enjoy a relaxing shower or bath and take turns giving each other massages.

The Great Donut Hunt

Do you both have a sweet tooth? If so, use your weekends to try out as many donut shops as you can find! Then pick your favorite (we recommend you try the Salty Donut!).

Tour a Town

Drive to a nearby town that you’re not completely familiar with and spend the day exploring together and making valuable memories.

“Mystery Spy Date”

Use these fun printouts from the Dating Divas to build anticipation all week for your surprise weekend date night! Click here to read all about this fun idea and download the printouts!

Date Night Questions to Answer Together as a Couple:

  1. What are some places on your vacation bucket list?
  2. What is your favorite thing we do together?


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