Weekend Message Takeaway: “The Undercover Boss”

Who’s the Boss?

John 7 kicks off with these words: “After these things . . .” Here, John is alluding to the amazing ministry Jesus had been conducting throughout the region of Galilee—found in Matthew 15–18 and John 6. And John 7 picks up six months after a time where many disciples “turned back and no longer walked with him” (John 6:66 ESV).  

This weekend, before examining John 7:1-36, we revisited the aftermath of John 1–6, where Jesus’ miraculous works and revolutionary teachings had garnered Him quite the reputation­—so much so that for a time He didn’t go to Judea because the Jews wanted to kill Him. In this message, Boca campus Pastor Jerry Sander shared some very powerful truths about the method, ministry, and character of Christ.

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For the Note Takers
Let’s recap some of the key talking points from Pastor Jerry’s teaching this weekend:

Jesus Is More Interested in Divine Appointments Than Being on Display: Jesus’ brothers, who did not yet believe in Him as Messiah, urged Him to go to Jerusalem to put Himself on display and continue to garner fame and notoriety. However, Jesus knew the time hadn’t yet come, and He knew that there was important work to be done elsewhere.

Jesus' Timing Is Perfect . . . Even If We Don’t Like It: We’ve all had expectations of times where we thought Jesus was going to show up—where we believed He should have shown up—and He didn’t. We often take issue with that, because for the most part, we want things on our time and in our way. But Christ’s timing is a lot different than ours. His timing may not be our timing, but our time to go up to worship Him and be used by Him is always now.

Jesus Is Not Interested in Winning a Popularity Contest . . . He Is More Interested in Winning the World: Jesus was not afraid to call out wrongdoing in the people’s lives, but He always spoke the truth in love. 

Jesus Is Always Looking for the Perfect Opportunity to Reach the Lost: Jesus went up into the temple in the middle of the feast, in the middle of the week when He has the biggest audience and the most reach. If He had come earlier in the week, there may have been a commotion that would have distracted the people and given the Jewish leadership the opportunity to formulate an assassination plan. But He went up in secret so that He could teach and reach people.

Jesus Has Been Uniting and Dividing People Since the Beginning: Some of the people considered Him good, while others believed He was a deceiver . . . and nothing’s changed. Back then and today, the message of Jesus is still causing divisiveness among the people. There has never been a more controversial name in all the earth than the name of Jesus. 

Jesus Gets to the Heart of the Matter Because the Heart of the Matter Is a Matter of the Heart: Jesus knows how to cut straight to our hearts. He knows what our hang-ups are and He comes right for them. He sees behind our symbolic gestures, traditions, practices, and rituals to see where our hearts are and challenges each of us to check our hearts!

Quote to Remember: Don’t judge what you see on the outside. You need to look at man the way God does.—Pastor Jerry Sander

This past weekend was beach baptism. Baptism is such a special time, a milestone in the lives of believers. It’s an outward expression of an inward transformation, a celebration and declaration of new life! We are so excited to share these photos with you. Check out photos from our latest baptism here!

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This Wednesday, Pastor Doug will teach from 1 Samuel 27–28:2. This passage is about David living among the Philistines and Saul consulting a medium about his future. Join us to learn the significance of this passage and how it relates to our life today!

This weekend, our study through the Gospel of John continues as we take a look at John 7:37–8:11. In this study, Pastor Doug will explore one of the most famous confrontations of Jesus’ ministry: His interaction with the Pharisees over the woman caught in adultery. Find out how Jesus’ actions here show His love for us and how we can apply this same compassion into our daily lives.

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