Weekend Message Takeaway: “Hitting the Wall”

What Do You Do When You Hit a Wall?

Have you ever heard someone say they’ve hit a wall? It’s essentially an expression that describes a sudden, overwhelming fatigue and loss of energy. It’s something you see a lot with runners, as their body begins to fail, but it can also apply to mental fatigue due to stress and pressure, relational exhaustion, and spiritual burnout. Hitting a wall is a clear sign that we all have our limits.

This weekend, we continued “The King and His Cross” with a message from John 6:1–21. In this study, Pastor Doug showed us how Jesus pushed His disciples through their limits—the same way He wants to do with us—as we explored two of the most well-known and miraculous stories from the Bible: the feeding of the 5,000 and Jesus walking on water.

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Let’s recap some of the key talking points from Pastor Doug's teaching this weekend:

Hitting a Wall: A sudden, overwhelming fatigue and loss of energy.

Jesus Will Push Your Compassion Past Its Natural Capacity (John 6:1–7): At this point in the story, Jesus was no doubt physically, emotionally, and spiritually tired . . . His cousin John had just recently been beheaded, and He had spent much time going from town to town performing signs and miracles, preaching the gospel, and even encountering opposition from the powerful and influential religious elite. He wanted to retreat, to have time alone with the Father. But even in the moments of His greatest physical fatigue, the compassion of Christ never ran dry, because His compassion is limitless! And here, Jesus is about to teach us all a lesson as He tests His disciples. 

Reflect: Do you have an impossible situation you're dealing with right now?

Jesus Will Push Your Understanding Past Its Natural Boundaries (John 6:8–15): Philip hit a wall mentally. As a practical problem solver, he saw the problem of not having enough food to feed the masses, but he didn’t see the possibilities with Jesus . . . so Jesus honed in on Philip. Contrast that with the faith of the little boy who willingly gave up his food, a boy who wasn’t blinded by the logical and rational things of nature in the face of the Son of God. So, Jesus set out to bring His disciples—Philip in particular in this story—to the point where they had to push past those logical boundaries and have their faith increased. Just as an intimate teacher knows what a student needs to expand his or her understanding, Jesus knew what to do to bring Philip to the place where he could see the supernatural, to see God at work. That’s why He actively involved the disciples in this miracle—the only one He does this with. Does He need us to accomplish His work? No. But He invites us to participate.

Jesus Will Push Your Faith Past Your Fear, Fatigue, and Failure (John 6:16–21): After having taken part in such a miraculous scene, the disciples must have been on a high, feeling like they were on top of the world. But then, Jesus just left. What was He doing? Where did He go? Have you ever felt that way? Here is what Jesus knew for the disciples that they didn’t: They were safer in the storm than they were on the shore.

This was not a storm of correction, but a storm of instruction . . . and God loves teaching in the storm. Why? Because most of the greatest lessons, the ones that stick with us, increase our faith, expand our heart, and open our view of who He is, come in the midst of storms. And here, Jesus shows this by teaching He is not just the King of bread, but the King of the storm. If we trust in Christ and obey Him in the storm, even when it seems as through He’s gone away—even though He is right there all along—He will always prove faithful to not only bring us out of the storm, but to bring us through it stronger!

Reflect: Are you obedient when you are all alone?

Quote to Remember: "If you’re only seeing the problem and not the solution, then you don’t know the power of Jesus!"—Pastor Doug Sauder


Spend some time reflecting on this weekend’s teaching by answering the following questions:

1. What do you do when you hit a wall? How do you deal with it? Do you turn back, stay stuck there, or break through the wall?

2. Have you ever experienced compassion fatigue? What brought you to this point?

3. Do you have an impossible situation you're dealing with right now? Do you focus on the problem or the power of Jesus?


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