Daily Drip

“That you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.”—Colossians 1:10 (NKJV)


Water is essential to life. Lack of water can lead to a slow death, often without the person even realizing it. Cities, both ancient and modern, have been built around access to water. Strife, conflict, and even wars have been fought over rights to natural water sources. Water may appear innocent, safe, and insignificant, yet it permeates everything we do.


Agriculture, like all living things, is dependent on water, and scientists have discovered that a concept called drip irrigation can transform the growing cycle. The basic concept behind drip irrigation is to provide plants a constant and appropriate supply of water down in its roots, where moisture is most needed. Drip irrigation and its subsequent application has revolutionized agriculture, providing consistent growth in areas where no growth appeared to be possible. Truly, a desert can become an oasis.


I have thought about how this principle relates to my faith and my life-long walk with God. I am amazed at the level of intentionality that God displayed as He engaged with mankind through the person of Jesus. Imagine the countless conversations Jesus had with people in pain. They probably tried to explain what was wrong and how He might be able to help. Jesus knew the pain, He knew the solution, but still He listened. He gave dignity to the one with the burden. He poured out His love, compassion, authenticity, and kindness into the very roots of each person He encountered. And He does the same for me, every day.


So how do we stay faithful in good works? We must understand that the day-to-day drip of His promises, His mercy, His wisdom, and His correction is far more impactful then the haphazard and frantic search for a quick gulp of God because of spiritual dehydration.


Ignoring a plant’s need for regular water and then making up for it by drowning the plant with a fire hose will not foster healthy growth. The same is true for us. Seek out the daily drip of God’s love, His Word, and His presence. And as your journey with God becomes increasingly simple, less frantic, and more rhythmic, you will keep in step with His Spirit. Your roots will grow strong and steady and make you able to withstand both the torrential rains and the deadly droughts.  


DIG: Read Psalms 1:3.

DISCOVER: Think of ways that God has “dripped” His living water into your life lately. 

DISPLAY: Drip God’s love into those people He places in your life today.

About the Author

Stephan Tchividjian