The Highest Authority

“Then Jesus came near and said to them, ‘All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.’”—Matthew 28:18 (HCSB)

Each of us have different levels of authority. Whether it be authority at the office, over your finances, or in your home, you have authority over at least one thing in your life. But do things always go as planned? Although we have decision making authority, we don’t have full authority of our lives, our homes, or even our own time.

When Jesus says, “All authority has been given to Me,” He really means it. Either this truth strikes you with fear or awe . . . or maybe a little bit of both. What’s important to remember is that He isn’t limited to all authority only. He also has all love, all kindness, all peace, all comfort, and all grace. Jesus isn’t an evil or tyrant king, He’s a kind one.

In verse 19, Jesus commands the disciples to spread the gospel after referencing His authority to do so. Is He assuming a domineering tone here? No, He’s guiding His disciples into the fruit of His life. He doesn’t guarantee it will be easy, but we can be sure that following in His footsteps will be good. The fact that our Savior is the author of all things as well as our FRIEND is what floors me. We can trust His commands—this one in Matthew 28 and every other command—with assurance that they’re only out of a place of wisdom and love that He’s commanded them. 

If we surrender the authority we think we have for the authority God has, then we can be guaranteed a full and fruitful life. But it takes sacrifice, faith, and the reverence to believe God is who He says He is in order to obey.

There have been so many instances in my life where I’ve traded what God intended for what I wanted, and every single time it ended with disappointment, hurt, stress, and a dead end. It’s only when I get to that dead end that FINALLY the Lord’s way seems more appealing to me. But wouldn’t it have been great if I’d come to that realization before I chose my own way?

Our God is kind, and He is loving. If He’s coaxing you out of or into something that seems less appealing than your expectation, it’s because He knows the end result. He knows what’s best. So trust Him! 

DIG: Read Matthew 28:16–20 and John 7:46.

DISCOVER: In what ways are you claiming authority over your life? Ask the Lord to forgive you for the ways you’ve taken control, and ask Him to reveal the ways you can trust Him with your thoughts, decisions, and life. 

DISPLAY: Take each decision today one step at a time. Are you listening to the Spirit when He speaks? Are you following His will? Display faith and obedience today by taking His commands for you seriously.

About the Author

Cortney Gurr