Weekend Message Takeaway: “Talking to God in the Dark”

Are You Living in the Wind?
Have you ever had a conversation that completely changed your perspective on life? The kind of encounter that challenged your perceptions and rocked your world to its core? That is exactly what happened to Nicodemus, a well-respected Pharisee and teacher of the Scriptures. 

This weekend, as we studied John 3:1-21, Doug examined the famous conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus. Through this teaching, we saw how Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus was so disarming and profoundly different from anything this Pharisee had ever heard, so much so, that he was unable to grasp Christ’s words.

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For the Note Takers
Let’s recap some of the key talking points from Pastor Doug’s teaching this weekend: 

Jesus Will Shatter All Your Assumptions (John 3:1–10): Nicodemus marveled at the words of Jesus, because he—like most all Jews of his time—assumed they already had the inner transformation promised in the New Covenant. Jesus let him know that he did not have it, that he needed to be born again. He then explained to this teacher of the law that the Holy Spirit is the One who not only changes our eternal destiny, but also our lives as He blows in and through us like a powerful wind.

Jesus Knows You Will Wrestle With the Gospel (John 3:11–15): Nicodemus didn’t understand Christ’s words because the things He was explaining hadn’t yet happened in Nicodemus’ life. But his questions showed us that he was seeking the truth, even if he didn’t understand it all. It’s the same today. Some people wrestle with the gospel, with the truth of God’s Word and the message of who Jesus is, because they haven’t experienced being born again.

Jesus Simplifies the Gospel to One Word: Believe (John 3:16–18): To believe means much more than intellectual awareness or agreement. It means to trust in, to rely on, and to cling to. You see, God sent His Son Jesus for all people, and if we trust in Him, we will be saved. He didn’t come to condemn, but to redeem and save all who believe.

Jesus Invites You to Step Into the Light (John 3:19–21): What keeps people from belief in Jesus and salvation? Is it sin or unbelief? It’s both, because people choose not to believe because they love their sin; they don’t want to give it up. They are in darkness and want to stay there. Why? Because sin thrives in the dark, but faith grows in the light. In Jesus, we can step into the light and shine brightly. Remember, there are no secrets with God . . . and yet He still loves you!

Quote to Remember: “There’s a difference between being sinless and having nothing to hide.”—Pastor Doug Sauder

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This weekend, we’ll continue to journey through the Gospel of John as we study John 3:22–36. In this message, Pastor Doug will explore John the Baptist’s testimony about Jesus, which will show us our need to decrease so that Christ may increase in us!

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