Community: What’s the Hype?

We all have friends; work friends, family friends, childhood friends, school and church friends. But who makes up your community? Who do you know that you can call at 2am in an emergency, or who’d leave work early to help you move, or who’d drive you to the airport around the holidays? Having a good community is beautiful, and it is fulfilling, but sometimes it can take a long time to feel like you belong.


What is community?

Community is more than a location. It’s a group of people—but there’s a difference between a group of friends and a community. Of course your community is made up of friends, but how many of your friends will walk through difficult seasons with you? Being part of a community is feeling at home with people that you know and who know you; it’s intimacy with Christ and others, it’s spiritual and personal growth, it’s pressing into the body of Christ. But it’s not a requirement—it’s a joy! Having people to talk with about Jesus is invaluable, and having people wo walk through difficult times with you, and do life with you, makes life so sweet.


What do I do if I don’t know how to get involved?

Let’s be real. Searching for a solid community isn’t always easy, and feeling like you belong can take time. Sometimes visiting Bible studies and community groups is, well, awkward. But pushing past the initial awkwardness is worth it. Can’t leave your littles at home? Host a group in your home! You don’t have to have the biggest home in the nicest area in order to host a community group. In fact, most community groups are held in small living rooms with only 6-8 people! People with kids will naturally want to join your group because they will meet people that understand them. If you have neighbors who want to be part of a community, but no one can open up their home to host, go to the park! Let the kids play while you talk and enjoy time together. No matter your situation, there’s a community waiting for you.


How do I find the right community group?

Pray and step out in faith. Ask people you know at church if they’re in one or if they’d like to join one with you.

When you’re in a good community, the right one, you’ll realize that you belong. Having the sense of belonging is so important, and there’s nothing like it. It’s a blessing to be known! Having the right kind—the best kind—of community group is more than spending time with one another, it’s establishing relationships with people.


As we head into our “We Are” series here at Calvary, we have the unique opportunity to get involved with the Connect Experience! Whether you are new to Calvary or have been here for 20 years, there’s a place, a home, a community waiting for you. Click here to find out more! Or lead/host or join a traditional community group by clicking here!

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