Weekend Message Takeaway: “We Are a Church Family” (January 7–8)

What’s Your Story?
Stories are powerful. They can inspire, captivate, and even move us to action. They have the ability to open our eyes to truths we never considered and even help us find a greater purpose in life. Kicking off our new series, “We Are,” Pastor Doug explored how the gospel—God’s story—intersects with our personal stories, and explained the true nature of the Church—God’s family. 

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Let’s recap some of the key talking points from Pastor Doug's teaching this weekend:

The Church Is Part of an Unbroken Relay: Today, we are somewhere between the Book of Acts and the Book of Revelation. God is not done working through His Church. And somewhere along the way in this race, the baton was passed to us. Now it’s our turn to leave a legacy of faith in our generation and for the next generations to come.

Church Is About a People, Not a Place: The Church is a family—the family of God brought together by Jesus. What is our Calvary family? We’re a group of people with a common passion who have found our identity, sense of belonging, and our God-given purpose through the ministry of Calvary Chapel.

We Are the Calvary Chapel Tribe: Much like the 12 tribes of Israel and individual family units within a larger family tree, every church family is different. They each have different traditions and unique traits. But if we can all, despite our differences, rally around Jesus, then we can be stronger and united in our diversity.

Quote to Remember: "Find out what God is doing and join him there."—Pastor Doug Sauder

30 A.D.: Jesus commissions His followers to spread the gospel through the world.

35 A.D.: Persecution causes the gospel to spread to Samaria and the surrounding regions.

38 A.D.: The first missionary brings the gospel to modern-day Turkey.

54 A.D.: The gospel makes its way to Rome, where the Church flourishes and spreads.

400 A.D.: The gospel spreads throughout northern Europe.

800 A.D.: The gospel reaches Great Britain, which becomes a catalyst for missions around the globe.

1500s A.D.: The gospel arrives in the Americas and spreads across the continent . . . and that’s how the gospel eventually came to us!

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Coming up this week, we’ll be going in-depth on the first tenet of Calvary’s mission statement: connecting people to God. Find out how Calvary Chapel accomplishes this goal as Pastor Chris begins the discussion on Wednesday evening and Pastor Doug goes even deeper this weekend.