Go to Jesus!

“Now when Jesus had crossed over again by boat to the other side, a great multitude gathered to Him; and He was by the sea. And behold, one of the rulers of the synagogue came, Jairus by name. And when he saw Him, he fell at His feet and begged Him earnestly, saying, ‘My little daughter lies at the point of death. Come and lay Your hands on her, that she may be healed, and she will live.’”—Mark 5:21–23 (NKJV)

As Jesus is ministering to the masses that had now begun to routinely flock to Him, a man approaches Him named Jairus. We learn two important things about Jairus.

First, he was man of prestige in that place and time, as he was a ruler in the local synagogue. This would be similar to being the clergyman or pastor in a community where everyone knows everyone else’s name. So right off the bat, understand that Jairus was someone well respected by everyone in his community. He was what we might consider “a pillar of society,” someone you’d want on your street, in your neighborhood, or on your committee; a proverbial “good guy” that seems to have everything together, including his spiritual life.

But the second thing we learn about him makes everything above null and void. None of his prestige or social credit matters because the inescapable fact is that his twelve-year-old daughter is on the brink of death. She’s just begun what every parent presumes and desires for their children—a life filled with joys and accomplishments. All of what “could be” for her is now threatened. So, we understand that Jairus’ emotional state in this moment is beyond desperate.

However, in his desperation, Jairus does the best thing that he (or anyone) could possibly do: He goes to Jesus. In what we can only imagine as a breathless frenzy, Jairus relays his crisis to Jesus and begs Him to come to his aid. Word of the healing power of Jesus had swept over that part of the world, and Jairus wastes no time in running to it on his daughter’s behalf. Perhaps this deadly sickness could be overcome if Jesus would just come to his home and do what He’s been doing for so many others, which He agrees to do: “So Jesus went with him, and a great multitude followed Him and thronged Him” (Mark 5:24 NKJV).

The conclusion of this crisis will be for another time, but for now, let’s dwell on the one primary truth God’s Word is holding out before us: We need to go to Jesus! No matter what we might be going through—a headache, unemployment, bullying, fear of making a long-overdue phone call, the dentist, a family reunion, or even the imminent loss of a loved one—going to the Lord in prayer is always the right move. As we confess our crisis in His presence, we also find what we need whether it’s wisdom, courage, compassion, forgiveness, or perhaps even a healing touch.

What we receive is up to Him and according to His will. But for our part, we’d do well in doing what Jairus did . . . go to Jesus!

PAUSE: What did Jairus do right? How can you establish the same response more consistently?

PRACTICE: This week, go to Jesus on behalf of someone else! Lift up a friend, family member, coworker, neighbor, classmate, or even someone you encounter at a public place or someone you read about in a story. Pray for them. Go to the Lord Jesus to intercede on their behalf as Jairus did for his daughter.

PRAY: Lord, make me more into someone whose first instinct is to go to you, no matter what.

About the Author

Pastor Dan Hickling

Pastor Dan Hickling serves our online community, also known as the Calvary Chapel Online Campus. He and his wife Becky have been married for 22 years and have two children, Lauren and Danny. Both Dan and Becky have been part of the CCFL church family for 22 years and have served in full time ministry for 20 of those years.