Date Night Challenge March 2021

Rekindle and Renewal

“I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.”—Jeremiah 31:25 (NIV)

We’ve been in a season of being stretched—relationships have been strained, and life as we knew it has changed. But just like the weather of the four seasons, seasons change.

In the Midwest, March is always a month of expectation, regrowth, and hope. Seeing buds on the trees after a long winter of barrenness reminds us there are new beginnings and new possibilities. Sprouts can be seen from the flowers breaking through the snow-topped ground. There’s a sense of hope and excitement.

Spiritually speaking, we could have of perhaps just come out of a winter season in our marriages due to life’s unknowns such as financial struggles, arguments, unmet needs, unfulfilled expectations, the anxiety of getting COVID-19, or maybe even the death of a loved one. But God wants to remind us that He is the One in the center of each marriage who can bring restoration, growth, and refreshment like the spring rains to a dry and weary land.

As you plan your date night this month, make it simple, so together you can be reminded of the creation around you. Make this time a refreshment for your marriage. God created trees, flowers, birds, fish, the ocean, and music for us to enjoy. This month, plan a date night around God’s beautiful landscape as you take in what He created for your enjoyment.

Date Night ideas for March

Challenge 1: Enjoy and Create Music
Enjoy a beautiful night in your favorite city listening to musical masterpieces under a moonlit sky. Listen to each composer’s soul and the stories behind their music. Maybe even write the lyrics to your own song together—one that tells your love story!

Challenge 2: Go on an Adventurous Outdoor Picnic
Celebrate spring fever with an adventurous, outdoor mystery picnic. Ask a friend or family member who knows you well to create clues you can solve together that will reveal your picnic destination. Be sure the clues include taking you to local shops so you can pick everything up that you’ll need for your picnic. Once you’ve arrived, as you sit to enjoy your meal you’ll also enjoy a good laugh at how much fun you had at solving your clues!

Challenge 3: Quarantine Fun
If you’re still quarantined at home, or have young ones, you can create your date night to take place after the kids go to bed. During the day, create your own picnic basket by collecting goodies from your favorite food stores. Before your date begins—whether it’s outside in your backyard under the starts or inside your living room—be sure to light some candles and put on your favorite music (perhaps through Pandora or YouTube videos). This will help set the stage for a relaxing night of food and togetherness.

Did you take advantage of one of these ideas? We want to hear from you! Share your dates on social media by using the hashtag #SoFloDateNight and tagging @CCFLCouples. You can also e-mail about your date night story!

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