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This past weekend, we continued our study through the Gospel of Mark. This series which looks at the intimate life and ministry of Jesus will help us understand who He truly is and what our response to Him should be. In the second study of this series, Pastor Doug taught from Mark 1:21-45—the beginning of Jesus’ ministry through the region of Galilee. We discovered why Jesus’ words have authority over our lives, what He used His authority for, how it fueled His mission, and how it can change your life!

In this week’s group study, Fort Lauderdale campus High School Ministry Leader Javan Shashaty expands on our examination of Mark 1:21-45.



Below, you’ll find some key questions to reflect on and consider in your group, with your family, or in your circle of friends, some action points for the week, and a look ahead. 

Ice Breaker: What’s the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen, experienced, or been part of?

Getting the Conversation Going: There has never been anyone like Jesus. While there have been great men and women whom God has used to accomplish mighty works, to inspire revival, to bring His Word in powerful ways, none compared to the authority of Jesus. As we heard in Pastor Doug’s message and as was reiterated in our group video, Jesus had power and authority over the natural and supernatural world, and His teachings, every word that came out of His mouth, carried an incomparable power and authority. Why? Because Jesus is God with us (Matthew 1:23); He is God in the flesh who had made His dwelling among us (John 1:14)! And because He is God, He has authority over our lives.

“Does Jesus have authority in your life?”

Key Definition: After having taught in the synagogue, and again after having silenced a demon and driving it out of a man, Mark tells us the people were amazed by Jesus. Why? “Because he taught them as one who had authority, not as the teachers of the law . . . A new teaching—and with authority! He even gives orders to impure spirits and they obey him” (Mark 1:22, 27 NIV).

In the original Greek, the word authority (exousian) used here conveys a dual sense of “might” and “right.” We could even understand it as a “righteous might.” It speaks of a power to execute ones will and agenda. But more than that, it reflects a power that isn’t subject to abuse, but an ability that lies in the proper hands. It’s effective without being defective. 

This is what Mark wants us to see about Jesus. He is the One in control, and He is also the One you want to be in control! And the authority that people sensed by His words is soon demonstrated by His actions. This was in stark contrast to the teachers of the law who had no power or authority over demons or the natural world and simply repeated what the law said and taught based on rabbinic tradition. Jesus’ power was unprecedented. His teaching was absolute and independent. It often flipped the old way of thinking on its head.

Discussion Question 1: What does Mark want to establish about Jesus here and why? How does surrendering to His authority in your life bring about change in you?

Discussion Question 2: What is challenging Christ’s authority in your life right now? How should you respond to it?

Jesus’ Morning Routine: One of the most amazing aspects of this passage and of the Gospels as a whole is seeing the real Jesus, the quiet moments, His personal interactions with individuals, and His private life. That’s why constantly immersing our lives in the Gospels is so important, because we really get to know Jesus through them! And one of the most striking things we see in the Gospels over and over again is that even with all His power and authority over the natural and supernatural, in His words and teachings, over the Sabbath, over the elements, over creation, disease, and death, and even with His ever-growing fame and popularity, Jesus never lost sight of His priorities. Mark 1:35 (NIV) tells us, “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.”

You see, Jesus knew what was most important. He got up early to pray and meet with His Father. He didn’t let the demand of the day determine His agenda. He put His relationship with the Father first, thus setting an example for us that we must put our relationship with Him first; that we must give Him ultimate authority over our hearts and minds and center our lives around Him and not the demands of the world. And when we do, when we surrender our will, desires, schedule, and future to Him, when we seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, everything else falls into place in our lives (Matthew 6:33).

“Jesus knew what was most important, and He made time for it in His day.”

Discussion Question 3: In this current season of life, what is your morning routine like?

Discussion Question 4: Why is it important to prioritize spending time alone with the Lord regularly? 

Discussion Question 5: How can you work on making that time with Him more meaningful or intentional?

This Week: Spend time in reflection. Ask yourself . . .

  • In what area of my life do I need to trust in the power and authority of Jesus? My family? My marriage or relationships? My job or school? My health? He has all power and authority!
  • How can I make time to meet with God in prayer every day?

Action Step: Change up your schedule a bit this week. Set your morning alarm 10 minutes earlier. When you wake up, spend those first 10 minutes alone with the Lord—praying and listening before you engage in any Scripture reading. Incorporate that practice into your daily routine for the next week until it becomes a habit!

Pray It Out: Share prayer requests in your group. Write down the requests of your group members, spend time praying over these requests, and keep praying individually over them throughout the week. 


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This weekend, we’ll continue our study through the Gospel of Mark as Pastor Doug teaches from Mark 2:1-17. In this message, we’ll explore the power of Jesus to heal us, make us whole, and use us to bring wholeness to others!

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