The Good Life: The Habit of Service Study Guide

Over the first three weeks of this series, we’ve explored some key spiritual habits that shape our life and enable us to grow in our faith. In week one, we discussed the importance of reading, studying, meditating, and memorizing the Bible. In week two, we dove into prayer and rest, while week three focused on the importance of doing life together in Christian community. This past weekend, Pastor Doug closed out “The Good Life” series with a powerful look at the habit of service. Together, we discovered that when we serve others, we’re participating in the divine. We also learned that Christian service is more than just action, it’s also about posture and attitude, and it requires practice. Jesus gave us amazing examples of what true servanthood looks like!

In this week’s group study, Pastor Chris expands on the topic of service.



Below, you’ll find some key questions to reflect on and consider in your group, with your family, or in your circle of friends, some action points for the week, and a look ahead. 

Ice Breaker: What’s the most amazing thing anyone has ever done for you? What made it so special? 

Getting the Conversation Going: As we’ve seen over the last few weeks, the power of these spiritual habits and practices are often found in the ways they connect us deeper to Jesus. But as Pastor Chris explained, when it comes to serving others in the name of Jesus, we find a connection to Jesus by doing what He did!

“Jesus came to seek and save, but He also came to serve!”

Discussion Question 1: Why is serving others so important to the Christian faith? 

Key Definition: The Greek word for serve is douleuete, which means “to be devoted to; to willingly give over the prerogative to be self-governing.”

Understanding Service: In Galatians 5:13 (NIV), Paul writes, “You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love.” In other words, we are to give up our “rights” and “freedoms” for the sake of others. It’s intentionally putting the needs of others first, in humility and devotion to God and His people, seeking out opportunities to bless, help, and meet the needs of others, even at the expense of our own comfort and convenience.

“Serving others is countercultural.”

Discussion Question 2: How have you been impacted by service—whether it be through those who have served you or by the way you have been able to serve others? 

Discussion Question 3: Why is the practice of serving others so countercultural? What makes it such a difficult habit for people to develop?

The Practice of Service: In his message, Pastor Doug shared that the habit of service requires practice. As with most of the things that draw us deeper into relationship with Jesus and make us more like Him, it doesn’t come very naturally for us. So, how do we get more accustomed to thinking, acting, and living with a mindset of service? Start at home!

“How can we make it practical? Find a need and meet it!”

Discussion Question 4: Why does the Bible tell us that it’s more blessed to give than to receive? How have you seen this to be true?

Discussion Question 5: In what ways can we as a group be more intentional about serving one another?

This Week:

Practice service! Here are a few groups you can start with . . .

  • Family: Find something that is not your responsibility and do it! Take out the trash, cook dinner, vacuum, do the laundry and put it away, mow the lawn, walk the dog, wash the dishes, etc.
  • Neighbors: Show hospitality! Have a neighbor over for dinner, bring them a baked good, bring their garbage cans back up to their house after they’ve been emptied, help them carry groceries, offer to walk their dog, etc.
  • Church: There are various amazing opportunities to serve at your campus! Pray about where God would have you make an impact and sign up today!
  • Local Outreaches as a Group: Find a cause your group is passionate about and look for ways to meet needs and help! Volunteer at a soup kitchen, do a neighborhood cleanup, support a missionary, bless a single mom or foster family, etc.

Pray It Out: Share prayer requests in your group. Write down the requests of your group members, spend time praying over these requests, and keep praying individually over them throughout the week. And ask the Lord to provide opportunities for you to serve this week!


This weekend, we’ll kick off Missions Week! Join us as Pastor Doug shares our church vision for missions and how you can get in the global story. Hear from missionaries and celebrate what God is doing around the globe! To find out everything happening around Calvary for Missions Week, click here.

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