The Good Life: The Habit of Life Together Study Guide

Over the first two weeks of this series, Pastor Doug shared the importance of building spiritual habits so we can grow in our faith, as well as explored the habits of Bible reading and study, prayer, and rest. This past weekend, as we continued looking at habits that shape our lives and faith, Pastor Chris Baselice dove into the habit of community, of doing life together. During our time together, we discovered that when Jesus saves us, He also joins us as part of a beautiful faith family. We also learned the importance of confession, accountability, deep friendship, learning and studying together, and sharing meals.

In this week’s group study, Pastor Chris expands on the topic of community.



Below, you’ll find some key questions to reflect on and consider in your group, with your family, or in your circle of friends, some action points for the week, and a look ahead. 

Ice Breaker: What’s the funnest thing you’ve ever done as part of a group?

Getting the Conversation Going: As Pastor Chris explained, Jesus didn’t just come to give us eternal life in heaven. He also came to give us an abundant, full, joy-filled life here and now! And that life is found in deep relationship with Him and with other people. You see, having deep relationships with others in Christian community is key to developing a deeper relationship with Jesus!

“Living together in community leads to the good life.”

Discussion Question 1: Why is living in community such a big part of your walk with Jesus?

Key Definition: Fellowship, or the Greek word koinōnia, is defined as “partnership; participation; what is shared in common as the basis of community.”

Understanding Community

Fellowship or Christian community, at its core, is a mutual bond that Christians have with Christ that puts us in a deep, eternal relationship with one another. It’s sharing with others in the beautiful riches we experience in Christ. And within that bond, we grow together through sharing in the Word, prayer, and life experiences. In true Christian community, we endure together, grieve together, laugh together, cry together, celebrate together, mourn together, serve together, eat together, overcome struggles together, experience breakthrough together, and build legacies together. We challenge one another, sharpen one another, and keep one another accountable. In community, we open our hearts, minds, homes, and lives to our faith family.

“Being in community with others makes the hardest moments in life a little easier and the best moments a little sweeter.”

Discussion Question 2: How has your community shaped who you are as a follower of Jesus?

Discussion Question 3: In your experience, what are some of the obstacles to being in community? What makes it hard? What are some steps you can take to overcome/push through them?

The Practice of Community

Did you know there is a difference between living in community and just hanging out with a group of friends? As Pastor Chris shared, it’s possible to hang out with a group of people every week for the rest of your life and never really live in community, to never really be known or know anyone. Why? Because true life together is more than just social interaction. There are certain practices within a community that need to happen for us to get out of it what God intends . . . for us to experience life to its fullest. These practices are engaging in the Word and prayer together, sharing meals together, celebrating highs, bearing one another’s burdens, and serving together.

“The relationship of the community must be grounded and built on a relationship with Jesus!”

Discussion Question 4: Why is it important for believers to regularly center their community around the Word and prayer?

Discussion Question 5: In what ways can groups be more intentional about sharing life together in this season?

This Week: Practice community! Get a text chain going. Share prayer requests, highs/lows from your days, what God is showing you in the Word, milestones, etc. And, health permitting, plan for one day this month to share a meal together.

Pray It Out: Share prayer requests in your group. Write down the requests of your group members, spend time praying over these requests, and keep praying individually over them throughout the week.


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On Wednesday, we’ll be rebroadcasting last weekend’s teaching and Pastor Chris’ group video (above). If your group isn’t already meeting on another night, we encourage you to tune in with your group, family, or friends and have some great conversation around the habit of community and doing life together as believers. If you’re not in a group and are looking to start the year off in community, click here!

This weekend, we’ll wrap up this special series on the key spiritual habits that can shape our lives and faith as Pastor Doug shares about the habit of service. Learn how serving others and living on mission connects us more intimately to our Savior, what love in action looks like today, and how our lives are enriched through service.

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