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"Live your best life!" 

"Live life to the fullest!"

Surely, you've heard this expression or one like it, right? It's a mantra for getting the most out of life, for experiencing "the good life." But what exactly does that mean? What is the good life? What does it look like? How can it actually be attained and experienced? Here's a hint: It isn't the idealized version you see on TV or movies, or read about in self-help books. It has nothing to do with money, a fancy car, lucrative career, or a big house with a white picket fence. It's not about finding your spark, activating your best self, or following your heart. It's not found within . . . So where does it come from? It's found in a healthy, active, and growing relationship with Jesus Christ! 

This four-part group study explores various spiritual habits that help us have a richer relationship with Jesus, enable us to experience His love and grace on a deeper, more intimate level, and allow us to live the full, abundant life we were created for . . . the kind of life Jesus came to give us! 

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