Date Night Challenge October 2020

To Be Young Again

“May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth.”—Proverbs 5:18 (NIV)

It’s likely that when reading this verse, we may think the writer is implying we should marry young. But no matter how old you were when you got married, you were younger than you are now. And that’s why this verse refers to the wife of your youth.

So, just like this verse tells us to do, we should rejoice! We should always be intentional about creating joy in our marriage—especially when we have stressful world events, such as living in a pandemic, and normal day-to-day life keeping us busy and preoccupied.

This month, be encouraged as you “remember” what your marriage was like in its youth. Remembrance is scriptural, and it brings us to a place where we can see, in hindsight, how good and faithful God has been. It also helps us to be thankful for our present and look ahead to our future, trusting He will be there, too.

As you reminisce on your marriage, maybe you and your spouse will fondly remember the stress-free dates you had where you enjoyed each other’s company over food, or maybe you’ll smile over the long phone conversations you used to have when you were getting to know each other on a deeper level.

This month’s date night challenges will hopefully take you back, not in a nostalgic sad kind of way, but instead in a way that will draw you closer and recreate romance. No matter how long you’ve been married, take a look back and pray for all that is yet to come!

Date Night Ideas for October

Challenge 1: Recreate Your First Date
Perhaps your first date was at a local coffee shop or a chain restaurant. If that establishment is not available anymore, have fun recreating whatever you ate or drank at home. The point is to spend time together talking and getting to know each other as you did on your first date. Maybe one of your earliest dates was going to the movies. With most theatres temporarily closed, it may be fun to stream that first film you watched while enjoying some popcorn. Buy flowers, get dressed up, and be creatively romantic!

Challenge 2: Travel Back in Time
Take out your memory box! Look through old photos and read old letters to see how far you’ve come. Remember how you looked and dressed in those days. Remember your first place, your first car, and every little thing you had to overcome to get to where you are now. Going down memory lane reminds us God is faithful. When we remember the past, we also remember how God will continue to sustain us in this season and give us a future. You can do this while getting cozy on the couch enjoying takeout food or by having a picnic in your backyard!

Challenge 3: Exercise an Old Muscle
What hobbies or activities did you used to do “back then” that you no longer do? What’s something you think you’ve gotten too old for? Maybe it’s taking out the old video game console and playing a few classic video or arcade games. Maybe it’s been years since you both played a board or card game together and got competitive. Keeping social distancing in mind, adventurous outdoor activities are also an option—jet skiing, kayaking, a round of tennis, etc. What activity have you stopped making time for or that you feel your age is interfering with? Remember, you are as young as you feel, and a fun youthful activity can be refreshing during these times.

Did you take advantage of one of these ideas? We want to hear from you! Share your dates on social media by using the hashtag #SoFloDateNight and tagging @CCFLCouples. You can also e-mail about your date night story!