Rescue and Redemption

“For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.”—Colossians 1:13–14 (NIV)

Yesterday, we learned when we walk in intimacy with Jesus, the Holy Spirit will reveal knowledge and wisdom to us, we’ll understand God’s heart, mind, and character better, and we’ll become more like Jesus. We also learned about some amazing spiritual blessings we get as a result—we’ll bear fruit and do good works, grow in the knowledge of God, be strengthened, develop endurance and patience, and have a heart of deep gratitude as we find contentment, peace, and joy in this life.

Why? Because of THE GOSPEL! It always goes back to the gospel. The gospel is our source for being made right with God, knowing Him intimately, and receiving adoption into His family. The gospel qualifies us “to share in the inheritance of his holy people in the kingdom of light” (Colossians 1:12 NIV). Did you see that? Because of the gospel, we can receive rescue (salvation) for today and qualification for eternity.

And here’s the most beautiful and amazing part of it all: This qualification has been granted—it wasn’t earned, nor could it ever be! We’re sinners who aren’t qualified to stand before a holy and perfect God. So, God sent Jesus to do the qualifying for us! It’s He who gives us the status of holy people.

We have no means of escape from the dominion of darkness except through the light of the world who stepped down into this darkness to pull us out and bring us into His marvelous light! We have no ability to rescue ourselves, so Jesus rescued us. The Greek word for rescue is rhuomai, which means “to deliver from danger or destruction; to pull out or snatch out of the midst of darkness and the danger of oppression.”

We no longer have to live in what Matthew Poole calls “the sadness and despair of the damned” because we have been eternally freed, forgiven, and redeemed (apolutrósis: had our ransom paid; released from our debt; purchased/won) and brought into the kingdom of the Son He loves!

I know I’m grateful because we have a Savior who loves us, has given us life, and has qualified us to receive the riches of grace. Jesus paid it all! Despite all we’ve said and done, despite all our deepest failures and grossest sins, and despite our past, God, through Christ Jesus, offers us forgiveness. We don’t have to be slaves to our history. Instead, we can walk in the light as He is in the light and we can experience abundant life here and now and rejoice in the glorious life that awaits us in the future!

DIG: What does the gospel mean to you?

DISCOVER: How are you walking in joy and gratitude today for the salvation you have in Christ in this life and the hope of eternity you have for tomorrow?

DO: Thank the Lord today for the redemption you have in Christ.

About the Author

Danny Saavedra

Danny Saavedra is a licensed minister who has served on staff at Calvary since 2012, managing the Calvary Devotional and digital discipleship resources. He has a Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling and Master of Divinity in Pastoral Ministry from Liberty Theological Seminary. His wife Stephanie, son Jude, and daughter Zoe share a love of Star Wars, good food, having friends over for dinner, and studying the Word together as a family.