Jasiah’s Story

Jasiah Moses was only 13 years old when his uncle—who cared for him like a son while his father was at Calvary House—passed away. As a result of this tragedy, Jasiah questioned his sense of identity and began to seek fulfillment in things like popularity and relationships. Although he was still attending church, his heart was hard and far from God.

Then one day, his mother encouraged him to go to The Landing, Celebrate Recovery’s student ministry for middle and high school students. Jasiah immediately felt accepted and loved, saying, “Everyone there was so kind and inviting. It helped me release all of life’s issues . . . It was a safe place.”

After going to The Landing consistently, he went on a 21-day fast which God used to fill his heart with the Holy Spirit. Jasiah said it like this:

“What was empty before was now filled to the top and overflowing. My cup was running over.”

A fire ignited within Jasiah that day to continue sharing the love and compassion of Christ with others and, as a result, he’s now serving with The Landing! Jasiah shared, “God wants you to have a place where you can lay all of your problems at His feet and be set free. All you have to do is come.”