How Kindness Can Make a Difference

"I was just calling because I had to share my experience with you on Saturday at the Essentials Drive-Thru event. I’m a 60-year-old single mom of an autistic son, who also has some significant health issues.

After a long-term marriage, and a not so good divorce, I was left as the sole supporter of my son. I’ve been living month-to-month with basically an almost-totaled car. This virus has put me out of work, not eligible for unemployment, and really feeling desperate. I have no family and a few friends, but I just have to thank you for Saturday.

I cannot tell you what it did for me and my son, not just for the food and the wonderful essential items, but for my spirit. I came to the event, and I can’t tell you how wonderful it was and how grateful I am. I’ve gone to only one other charity bank. While there, I waited hours and hours, which I gladly did, with no air conditioner in my car. I received very few items that I was able to use and most of the stuff was spoiled produce—it cost more for me to go there than what I received. So, I didn’t have high expectations for your event, but I was so happy with the quality food and the essential items we received.

It made a huge difference for my son and I. I’m so grateful.

I also received the most kind, loving words. Somebody prayed with me and everyone was so happy—like truly, truly happy to be there. I couldn’t thank them enough. I was crying behind my mask and waving and thanking everyone, and I just had to tell you what a difference it made . . . such a difference. I’m so grateful. Most of my life I’ve been on the giving end. I was a social worker for 20 years in South Florida, and after having a special needs son, my life has been about giving to others. I have a strong faith, but this was really the first time I needed someone. I just had to tell you how grateful I am. Everyone made us feel so special and not bad about being in line.

So thank you again, so much. I really appreciate it. Thank you."

— Jodi