Generosity of Talent


At 17 years old, Samantha has already inspired an entire youth ministry to connect with God. Her teaching is beyond words.

Samantha looks like an ordinary 17-year-old. Samy, as she likes to be called, enjoys listening to music, hanging out with her friends, and writing in her journal every chance she gets.

While on the Calvary Christian Academy (CCA) Mexico mission trip in 2018, the Lord spoke to her heart about how powerful His love is. And, as she looked through her journal, she pinpointed all the things the Lord revealed to her then and what He wanted her to say to her peers now: The love of Christ should motivate us to love and obey Him. That revelation helped her identify her purpose in life: to be a messenger of God.

After getting involved at HSM and discipleship opportunities at CCA, Samy leaned on God to help her write a simple message. And that’s when He reminded her of an idea she’d had to create a YouVersion devotional plan for HSM, bringing the gospel to teens on the platforms they’re on every day.

What happened next is nothing but extraordinary. A passionate storyteller, Samy became a mighty pen in God’s hands, ready to do His work. With HSM ministry leader Javan Shashaty’s direction, she developed the YouVersion HSM daily devotional plan, which illustrates HSM’s seven core values.

“Those who have told me they were moved by either my writing or speaking, it’s only because the Holy Spirit moved in their hearts,” said Samy. “I am extremely thankful the Lord is using me as a vessel to share His truth and bring Him glory!”

Your gift, used in the hands of God, becomes an incredible act of generosity. Open your hands and give it back to Him, and watch what He will do! To learn how, visit