Generosity of Treasure


In a matter of seconds, change became a new way of life for her, but loss soon turned into love and sweet offerings.

Calvary will always be a big part of Bruna’s heart and a big part of her story. She remembers being in second grade at Calvary Christian Academy (CCA), having fun, learning new things, and making new friends. She was a happy kid. Everything seemed good, until her father left.

In a matter of seconds, change became a new way of life for Bruna and her mother. Her home life was the first to go. They had no other family, and even when nothing seemed to go right, God surprised them.

Friends took them in, and while they moved a lot and were totally dependent on the Lord, their friends, and their Calvary community for everything, they were amazed by strangers’ random acts of kindness and generosity. By the grace of God, and by Him putting into people’s hearts to pay her tuition, Bruna was able to stay at CCA until her senior year.

Even after she graduated from CCA in 2016, people oftentimes would ask her if she knew who her supporters were. Some she met, but many others still remain anonymous. But this she knows: During a very unstable time in her life, Calvary became her stability; her home.

Change your life and the world, one act of kindness at a time. This is the message Bruna learned from her teachers and those strangers who altered her life forever. “Kindness is a simple notion to understand, but its impact is huge,” she said. “God gives you the ability to change someone’s life for the better, just by a simple act or word.”

It’s fair to say that Bruna’s world would have been very different if she had not received the unconditional love and support of a generous community. That thought does not escape her. “The greatest lesson I learned at Calvary is that even though I am a broken person, I am made in the image of God. And He doesn’t see me for my broken parts but as a daughter who can bring Him glory by having compassion and love for others. I also learned to trust God, and that where you are today matters for who you’ll be tomorrow.”

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