Gus & Mindy: A Story of Transformation

If you ask Gus and Mindy, 2019 gets a very good review. It started in April, when Gus suddenly felt a huge need to go back to church. He went and enjoyed it so much that he told Mindy she should come with him next time.

After a month of attending church together, Gus and Mindy answered an altar call and re-dedicated their lives to Christ. It didn’t take long before they were plugged in to the Connect Experience, where they signed up to serve in Calvary Kids. Here they met Hector, the elementary service coordinator, who interviewed them and placed them under the guidance of different small group leaders for training.

Gus’ relationship with Mindy wasn’t too clear, Hector observed, even though they often served together. One day, Hector asked Gus some personal questions which revealed that Gus and Mindy were living together and had a son named Gus Jr.

Hector encouraged Gus to do things right not only to honor God, but also for his son’s sake. During this time, Calvary’s Leadership Covenant, which included an agreement section called Biblical Lifestyles, was introduced to the church and distributed to all staff and volunteers for signing. It reinforced Gus’s need to make things right, but it was Pastor Doug’s teaching from the “Unsinkable God” teaching series sometime in November that moved Gus into action.

“I need to get my life straight,” he told Hector that day after service. The first step, Hector advised, was to go through Calvary’s Premarital Counseling Ministry. The couple did just that, and as they planned their wedding, with Hector officiating it, they fell more in love with Jesus and grew closer together as a couple.

By the end of the year, Gus and Mindy were baptized, and this incredible step of faith was not missed by Gus’ cousin, Vanessa, who watched them intently from the sidelines. Only a few weeks later, January 25 proved to be a busy day for Hector. Early in the morning, he baptized Vanessa. Then, he ran home to change and returned to the beach, where he married Gus and Mindy. After the wedding, Hector dedicated Gus Jr. to the Lord because as Gus said, “We want to do everything God’s way.”