Charcuterie Board

From the nuts and fruit to the knobs of cheese and specialty meats, this carefully crafted platter will please and attract friends and even a beach crowd! Follow these three easy steps:

  1. Select a large board or decorative plastic plate. 
  2. To avoid having an all beige palette, add pops of color with black and green olives, red and green grapes, and bunched up prosciutto slices that stand as works of art on their own. Add an assortment of other meats and cheeses, which add a sprinkling of bold colors and escalate the flavors.
  3. Charcuterie boards should have savory, sweet, and crunchy components. So, make sure you also add nuts, jam, dried cherries, pickles, apples, crackers, breads, and a wedge of brie cheese. 

When done correctly, a well-crafted charcuterie board offers something for everyone to nibble on.