Miracles: Three Stories of God’s Glory In Action

This spring, we’re going to see the power, character, and nature of the Lord Jesus Christ as we explore some of the miracles recorded in the Gospels. We’ll get to see what each miracle points to, what the greater message is behind it, and what it means for us today. And as we study these amazing moments that took place almost 2,000 years ago, we’re going to have the opportunity to see that miracles still happen today all around us!

Below are a few stories of modern-day miracles.

The Miracle of Transformation

“If anyone would have told me three years ago that something beautiful could actually rise out of ashes, I wouldn’t have believed them. But that’s exactly what happened to my family. One day, I stood alone in my living room, dealing with a hot mess: a crumbled marriage, a teenage runaway daughter, a son who had fallen into deep depression, and another who had anger issues. But that was not all. Soon after that, I got laid off of work and the, my father died. From every direction, I felt like the enemy was after me. But gradually, I discovered that God had another plan for my life and my family.

“As I reached out to Calvary Chapel Online, Pastor Dan Hickling and his team helped me build a relationship I thought I had with God but really didn’t. Something miraculous happened next. I saw God work in my husband’s heart, changing him from an alcoholic to a Christian man. My daughter moved back in with us and that relationship quickly began to rebuild. Our one son was no longer depressed or addicted to things, and our other son met a Christian girl who he has since married. As for my job status, I am now a manager for a pharmaceutical company—I used to manage only one office, but now I manage four offices around the world.

“My father’s death was not his end; it was the beginning of a new life with Christ. You see, he was a Christian and died a happy man knowing I am saved and believe in the promise God placed in my heart: that my house would be restored, that forgiveness would prevail in our family, and that we would serve Jesus. God fulfilled His promise.”—Elizabeth, Calvary Chapel Online community

The Miracle over Sickness

“But God . . . Five years ago, my husband and I moved from upstate New York to Boynton Beach, Florida. Shortly after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My first response was ‘Lord, why now? We moved away from all of our family and lifelong friends—the ones who really know me and what I need.’

“Since the diagnosis, I’ve had a mastectomy, my lymph nodes removed, six months of chemotherapy, 36 treatments of radiation, found out my cancer spread to my lungs and tailbone, had another surgery to remove part of my lung, had radiation on my tailbone, and six more months of chemotherapy and immunotherapy . . . BUT GOD!

“Yes, God could have rid my body of the cancer, but instead He is using this disease to draw me even closer to Him, which is allowing me to draw others closer to Him—that’s the real miracle! God allows all things in our lives for the purpose of bringing Him glory and to point others to Jesus. Because of my cancer, I’ve been able to share the gospel with so many people—doctors, nurses, medical technicians, coworkers, fellow churchgoers, and many others around the U.S. I even started a cancer support group called CancerHope.

“Yes, God has allowed my cancer. But while I’m alive, I choose to be an ambassador for Christ and try to represent Him each day with obedience, love, and joy.”—Cheryl, Boynton Beach campus

The Miracle of Multiplication

“For 15 years, I went in and out of rehabs, trying to escape a life of addictions and bad habits. In all that time, I was never able to go through six consecutive months of recovery, until I found Calvary House. It was there God met me and changed my life forever. After I graduated from Calvary House, I sensed God calling me to the mission field, and for six months I immersed myself in ministry, serving the people of Guatemala. Then, God called me back to Fort Lauderdale to serve in Celebrate Recovery. It’s really humbling to be in this position—to be a disciple in the rehab community, helping others follow Jesus.”—Joe, Fort Lauderdale campus

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