An Important Update on Coronavirus

3/13/2020 7PM EST UPDATE: Please watch the video update from Pastor Doug and read below for important information regarding churchwide updates. 

We have been tracking the news and information about COVID-19 and its effects both worldwide and right here in our surrounding cities. As our world prepares with how to handle the evolving pandemic, we know that people are being bombarded with many different messages. As those who trust in God, we do not walk in fear, but we do want to walk in wisdom.

Our community’s health and safety is our utmost concern. We want to be proactive and considerate when it comes to matters that could affect the health of you, your family, and especially those most vulnerable among us. 

As we look to lead in love and not be moved by fear, our church leadership has decided to take the following steps in order to care for, protect, and love those in our community like Christ. 

Important Information To Know

Church Services Update:

  • ONLINE ONLY FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS: In response to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, every service for all of our campuses will be ONLINE ONLY for the next two weeks (subject to change). 
  • SERVICE TIMES: Join us for service online by visiting Our service times will be: Saturdays at 6pm, Sundays at 9am, 11am, or 1pm, and Wednesdays at 6:30pm.  
  • TRANSLATION IS AVAILABLE: Spanish and Portuguese translation will be available at all services. 
  • SIGN LANGUAGE AND CLOSE CAPTIONING: Weekend services will have sign language and close captioning available. At this time, Wednesday services do not offer sign language and close captioning; however, we are working on making that available.
  • SERVICE WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18: This Wednesday there will be a special worship and prayer service online at 6:30pm. 
  • WHY ARE WE SHIFTING SERVICE TO ONLINE? We believe God wants us to lead out of love and not fear. Given current conditions, we believe the most loving thing we can do is to reduce the risk of unnecessary exposure by limiting large gatherings. We’re able to do this by way of our Online Ministry, which allows us to continue to meet together sharing worship and teaching content with the community.

Ministry/Campus Events: 

  • CASE-BY-CASE EVALUATION: We’re evaluating the continuation of all events on a case-by-case basis, determined by our executive leadership team and ministry leaders. Please check for up-to-date information for all event updates. 

Food Service: 

  • TEMPORARILY CLOSED AT ALL CAMPUSES: For safety and sanitation concerns for our community, all food services at every campus will be temporarily closed, including The Grill and the Generous Café & Bookstore. 

Giving Online:
We believe giving is an act of worship and a response to the generosity of our good God! With church services moved to an exclusively online experience (temporarily), you can easily give online at Your generosity enables us to serve our community—not just during this crisis but all year round.    

Prayer Opportunities: 
Each day we’ll be setting aside time to pray and fast together. You can submit your prayer requests online at, and also pray for others there too. For live prayer during services, please call 954-556-4777.

No matter what may happen in the world, we have the most unshakeable hope in our God. We want to be safe, but we are also filled with faith as we look for opportunities to serve our neighbors and be a light to those around us. We can’t wait to worship with you this weekend online during one of our service times! 

If you have a specific question that was not addressed, please reach out to our Church Reception Team at 954-977-9673 or follow along for social media updates on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.