Date Night Challenge January 2020

The Power of a United Marriage

Make my joy complete by being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit, intent on one purpose.”—Philippians 2:2 (NASB) 

New Year’s resolutions seem like a great way to start new things or make old things better. They may come from a desire to want to get fit, lose weight, read the Bible in a year, travel to new places, or to get out of debt.  

Married couples don’t usually make a New Year’s resolution to work on their marriage. Why is that? Is it because we believe everything is good, so why fix something that’s not broke? This year, let’s change that mindset and agree on building a stronger marriage. 

One of the foundations of a strong marriage is being a unified couple. There’s nothing more powerful than a godly couple who has come together in one spirit, ready to fight off the enemy’s fiery darts. This defines a true “power couple.” Nothing can come against them because they’re not divided; rather, they’re of one accord.  

Building a unified marriage is not as hard as you may think. According to this month’s verse, Philippians 2:2, starts with being of the same mind, loving each other, and having the same purpose in your lives together. Remember, anything worth having is worth fighting and working hard for. And being a godly power couple is what our lost world needs the most. 

So, the question is: Are you a power couple or a powerless couple? Wherever your marriage may be, it’s never too late to try new things. Becoming the next power couple could be your New Year’s resolution!

Date Night Ideas for January

Challenge 1: Look at the Stars
There’s nothing more romantic than looking at the stars. Plan a romantic evening under the stars and talk about whatever comes to mind. It can be at your favorite beach, in your backyard, or somewhere at the Everglades National Park. For more options, check out some great stargazing apps you can download to make the experience even more fun! And while you’re at it, pack a picnic or pick up some takeout and enjoy the evening snuggling up with each other. 

Challenge 2:  Read a Book Together 
Read a book on building a stronger marriage together. At the end of each week, plan a time to discuss what you read and share what has inspired you to make your marriage stronger. It can be at your favorite coffee shop or in a room in your house. This time will open doors to great discussions on how to love each other better or encourage each other on being committed to your marriage. 

Challenge 3: Go Kart Racing
This one is for all you speed-junkies. How about a FRIENDLY competition of go-kart racing? The experience will get your heart racing and your blood flowing as you speed around the track to see who makes the better time around! After the race, hit your favorite hamburger joint and enjoy a victory meal.

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