Learning From the Fool

“Remember, dear brothers and sisters, that few of you were wise in the world’s eyes or powerful or wealthy when God called you. Instead, God chose things the world considers foolish in order to shame those who think they are wise. And he chose things that are powerless to shame those who are powerful.”—1 Corinthians 1:26–27 (NLT)

Recently, my son taught me quite the lesson . . . the kind that challenged me and made me feel like I was looking at life all wrong. I styled my son’s hair similar to mine, and he noticed. In the car, he asked me, “Daddy, do I look like you?” Proudly, I said, “Yes buddy! You do look like me.” To my surprise, he said, “Aww . . .” Shocked, I said, “Why is it bad that you look like daddy?” Then he dropped some convicting truth on me: “Because I want to look like me!”

You see, most of my life I’ve tried to “look” like other people—I’ve worked out to try and get as big as Dwayne Johnson, styled my hair like this rock star, grown a beard like that celebrity, worn clothes like that other famous dude. But in one short sentence, my son put it all into perspective: I shouldn’t want to be anyone but who God made me to be. God used a four-year-old to teach me something I clearly hadn’t learned in 32 years. But that’s what He does—He uses the last person we’d expect to teach us things we didn’t know we needed to learn.

In today’s passage, the apostle Paul clearly makes this point when he tells us that God uses the weak and foolish things of this world to show the strong and wise just how weak and clueless they are; that He uses the powerless to humble the powerful. We see this time and time again in the Bible—Moses and the Pharaoh, David and Goliath, Elijah and the prophets of Baal. And each time, it’s more unexpected than the last.

Now, the question is why does God use things and people we’d never expect to teach, challenge, guide, and change us? Because it’s not about us, it’s about Him! When we rely on Him for our strength, wisdom, and power, not only can He accomplish amazing things in and through us, but then the glory also goes where it belongs: to Jesus!

So the next time you feel ill-equipped, unprepared, or unqualified, remember that God qualifies and empowers those He calls, He can use the last person you’d expect to humble even the most powerful . . . and He wants to use you!

DIG: Have you ever been taught a lesson by an unexpected source?

DISCOVER: Why do you believe God allows us to be part of His work of reaching people? Why does He use us to teach powerful lessons and change lives?

DISPLAY: Pray and ask the Lord to show you how He wants to use you and if there is anything He wants to teach you.

About the Author

Danny Saavedra

Danny Saavedra is a licensed minister who has served on staff at Calvary since 2012, managing the Calvary Devotional and digital discipleship resources. He has a Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling and Master of Divinity in Pastoral Ministry from Liberty Theological Seminary. His wife Stephanie, son Jude, and daughter Zoe share a love of Star Wars, good food, having friends over for dinner, and studying the Word together as a family.