Sexuality & The Gospel: Out of a Far Country Study Guide

This weekend, we concluded our Sexuality and the Gospel series with a special message by Moody Bible Institute professor, author, and speaker Dr. Christopher Yuan. In this message, we heard Dr. Yuan, who once identified as gay and agnostic, and his parents, Dr. Leon and Angela, share their journey of redemption and restoration and what it means to walk in holy sexuality.

To watch the message in its entirety, click here.

If you weren’t able to attend service this past weekend, we highly encourage you to watch Dr. Christopher’s story in its entirety by clicking here. His story is a powerful witness to God’s glory and His power to transform a person’s life. It’s also a great testimony to share with someone who is struggling with their identity.

In addition, Dr. Yuan conducted a Q&A session after service, where he answered many of the most important, commonly asked, and relevant questions regarding sexuality, identity, and holiness. This video will be available by Wednesday, September 11 and will be viewable on this page.

Quote to Remember: The opposite of homosexuality isn’t heterosexuality, it’s holiness!—Dr. Christopher Yuan


In the sanctuary, Pastor Andrew Woodell will begin our six-week sanctuary class series titled “Seasons of Life” with a lesson on singleness.

Then, at our weekend services, we’ll be starting a special two-week Vision series. Be part of this amazing weekend as Pastor Doug shares about all the amazing work God has done through Vision 2023 in year one and where He’s leading us in year two!

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