Weekend Message Takeaway: "Can They See My Faith In Action?”

This Father’s Day weekend, Dr. Bob Barnes from Sheridan House Ministries shared a special message about putting your faith into action and what it means to truly trust God with your life.

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For the Note Takers

My Faith Grows When I Take My Life Out of Park and Do What God Calls Me to Do: Faith doesn’t grow while we’re standing still; we’ll never get anywhere in our faith by sitting. We must choose to grow, we must take steps to move forward. We must remove clutter and confusion and make the Lord our driving force.

The Disciples Found Themselves Parked Because Their Religious Exercises Weren’t Working: Similarly to the place the disciples found themselves, the American church has become like a parking lot, a place where faith has stalled and remained in park.

To Start Your Faith Engine, You Have to Stop and Look at Who or What You Are Listening to: Are you walking forward with urgency as you follow after Jesus?  

To Sense God’s Plan, You Must Choose a Posture of Urgency: You must go into His presence frequently and with urgency to hear from Him and learn from Him.

You Show You Really Trust God When You Set Aside Time to Choose to Listen to the Word of God: God speaks to us directly through His Word. Are you setting aside intentional time to hear from Him and discover His will and purpose for your daily life through the study of the Bible? Are you training the next generation to do so, to slow down and be with the Lord consistently?

God Will Always Bring You to a Point of Choosing the Focal Point of Your Trust: At some point in your walk, you will be tested. Your faith will need to be exercised. How will you respond?

You Have to Walk Over the Trust Bridge: This is where you put feet to your faith. It’s the bridge between success and failure in life between hearing and believing. Have you let go of “control” in the various areas of life and given it over to the Lord? God wants us to trust Him more than we trust anything else in this world, including ourselves.

To Really Trust God with Your Life, You Have to Stop Leaning on Your Own Understanding: We need to stop looking at things through our human lenses and begin looking at everything through the lens of Scripture. We must stop trying to look at things through the logic and wisdom of the world. If we don’t we’ll never experience the fullness of all that God has for us and we’ll stay trapped, in chains, paralyzed.

Stepping Out in Faith Means Risk: Stepping out in faith is never safe; it’s never easy. It always comes with some perceived risk, but the truth is that when we hear, trust, and heed the will and Word of the Lord, we honor the Lord and He blesses us.  

In All Your Ways and Difficulties, Acknowledge Him for Who He Is: There is no greater way to honor God than to focus all your trust on Him, to obey Him and surrender to Him. He is great, He is mighty, He is able, and we are not. In everything we do, whether in ease or great difficulty, whether in good times or trials, we should lean on Him and press into Him, we should rely on His power, His strength, and His Spirit. When we humbly acknowledge our weakness and inability apart from Him, we are at our strongest. Why? Because He can do the most with us in those moments.

Trust is Cyclical: If you have trusted Him with your eternal salvation, with your afterlife and your eternal future, don’t you think you can trust Him with your day-to-day, with your here and now, with your earthly life and needs? Don’t you think you should trust Him with your finances and your decisions and your family and your work?    

Quote to Remember:  When they will not come to you, meet them where they are.—Dr. Bob Barnes


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