Weekend Message Takeaway: “What Is the Real Thing When it Comes to the Christian Walk?”

Continuing of our study through 1 John, this past weekend Pastor Doug shared an eye-opening look at 1 John 2:18–27. In this message, we discovered how we can know we’re experiencing a genuine, true relationship with Jesus, examined some of the most prevalent falsehoods that have made their way into the modern churches and Christian doctrines, and explored how we can embrace the anointing God has for us.

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For the Note Takers

Bring the Real You to the Real Jesus (1 John 2:18–23): Don’t be fake with God. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t fool Him. Don’t believe a fake, either. John desired his “children” walk in truth. For a parent or spiritual parent, there is no greater heartbreak than to see your children deceived and walking in darkness.

False teaching has invaded the Church today as it did in the early days. Many people today would have you believe, “It doesn’t matter what you believe as long as you’re sincere." This is wrong. It does matter what you believe and what you do. Tell people who were subject to slavery and genocide that one person or group’s ideas don’t matter or affect others. They do. The question for Christ-followers today is would you be able to identify a lie if it was taught to you in church?

False Doctrines of Today

1. Rejection of Orthodoxy: Beware of any doctrines that deny or teach a variation of the incarnation, atonement, deity of Christ, virgin birth, hell, total depravity, original sin, Satan, or the Holy Spirit.

2. Rejection of Absolutes: This new wave denies absolute truth. It is dangerous and leads to a lot of confusion, hopelessness, bitterness, and depression.

3. Religion of Works: This age-old belief basically claims that you can work your way into God’s good graces, earn you way into the afterlife.  

4. Religion of Entitlement: Beware of this dangerous doctrine that basically tells us that if you’re a Christian, you deserve to have a good life by earthly standards. This is where the prosperity gospel stems from.

Time Always Tells the Truth: Give it enough time. Eventually, the truth of God will be revealed, His will and work will come to completion. Time reveals deception, it brings to light hidden things, and demonstrates how futile the ways of this world are. But as believers, time is our ally. Why? Because God has lavished us with eternal life!

Embrace the Anointing God Has for You (1 John 2:24–27): What is anointing? It’s the difference between what you can do and what God can do. Have you ever experienced the anointing of God? It’s a powerful thing, something completely out of our control. It’s important that as we receive His anointing and His call, that we remember to abide in His Word and abide in His Spirit.

Quote to Remember: Be dogmatic about truth!Pastor Doug Sauder


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Then on the weekend, we’ll continue our study through 1 John as special guest Alan Platt shares from 1 John 3. In this message, we’ll take a deep dive into the love of God and what it means to truly love as Jesus did.

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