What Should I Read Next?

If you’re like me, months somehow slip by without picking up a good book. As Pastor Dan Hickling described in his article, The Importance of Literature it’s vital to the believer to invest in good, wholesome literature. Of course then comes the questions, “How do I know what’s good and wholesome?” and “How can I find consistently good reads?” Thankfully, our Calvary Chapel pastors are some of the most voracious readers we know, which is why we’ve asked them to gather their favorite monthly reads and share them with you!
We believe that literature is a non-negotiable tool to understand God better and to enjoy your gifts, talents, and the things you care about more fully! Before we go any further, we want to reiterate a point that Pastor Hickling made in his recent article, “I believe a lot of us force-feed ourselves the latest “it” book without having any true interest in it. We read because others are or because we think it makes us look good. This can be especially true in the Christian realm. But it’s far better to read a book about something you genuinely care about, even if it seems non-spiritual in nature.”
Just because a book is listed below does not mean it’s necessary for you to read! Our desire is to supply you with resources that have played a powerful role in our very own pastor’s lives that may serve as encouragement, and strengthen your walk with God! So whether you read a book a week, or haven’t as little as glanced at one from across the room since 1999, here’s a list of books that we pray encourages you towards a well-read lifestyle!
Book: Songs of Jesus
Author: Timothy Keller
“The happiest (most “blessed”) people in the world are those who not only know they need to be deeply forgiven but also have experienced it. Prayer: Father, as great as my sins are, it is a great and additional sin to refuse to rest in your grace and accept your pardon. Give me the blessedness and release of knowing I am completely, absolutely, freely forgiven through Jesus. Amen”. —Timothy Keller, Songs of Jesus
“In Songs of Jesus, each day is laid out with a Psalm, short devotional thought, then a prayer. It’s a great quiet time to realign my thoughts. It has served as a tool for mediating and helps to bring peace in my heart and mind daily. It has become a primary way that I find rest for my soul each day!”—Pastor Doug Sauder
Book: The Peace Maker
Author: Ken Sande
“It is easier to accept your limits if you have a biblical view of success. The world defines success in terms of what a person possesses, controls, or accomplishes. God defines success in terms of faithful obedience to His will. The world asks, ‘What results have you achieved?’ God asks, ‘Were you faithful to my ways?’”—Ken Sande, The Peace Maker
“So many people have been raving about this book! It’s truly influenced the culture around me and has impacted me deeply. I believe that every Christian should know this material because of its practicality and truth!”—Pastor David Fine
Book:  Shaped by the Gospel
Author: Timothy Keller
“Personal gospel renewal means the gospel doctrines of sin and grace are actually experienced, not just known intellectually.”—Timothy Keller, Shaped by the Gospel
Shaped by the Gospel focuses on the importance of being shaped by the gospel, not just knowing or teaching it faithfully. Keller writes that it is easy to fall into “gospel amnesia” (forgetting the goodness of the news). This truth encouraged me to apply the gospel so each area of my life can be renewed. The quote above was the greatest highlight for me because it reminded me of the refreshment that comes from a gospel-centered view.”—Pastor Charlie Halleran
PSST. Check back next month for more good reads!

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