Weekend Message Takeaway: “The Power of Words”

This weekend, Pastor Doug examined how we speak to God and others. We learned how to talk to God, speak truth into our own lives, resolve conflict, and engage in both the life-giving and difficult conversations in life.

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For the Note Takers

Let’s recap some of the key talking points from Pastor Doug's message this weekend:

Words Have Power: Words have the power of life and death in them. They can be as therapeutic and healing as the most effective balm or as sharp and cutting as the most dangerous sword. How are you wielding your words? Are you speaking life to the people in and around your life or are you draining it from them? Are you encouraging others by speaking words that build up and benefit them? Words of grace and truth?

Jesus was the master of speaking inspired words of life. He always knew just what to say to bring people closer to the Lord, speaking the words of the Father (John 12:49–50). And He left us this ability to speak the words of the Father as well through the Holy Spirit that is within us (Luke 12:12). So before you speak to others about God, remember to speak to God about others . . . to be prayed up and filled with the Spirit so you may speak inspired words.

Good Questions Matter: What type of questions are you asking? Questions drive transformation and increase your rational intelligence. It’s so important to ask good questions. This is what Jesus did. He constantly answered questions with questions. In fact, in the Gospels we see Jesus being asked 183 questions, and only twice did He respond with a direct answer. The rest He responded with questions or stories. Why? Because questions reveal the intent of someone’s heart.

Your Face Matters: Did you know that 93% of what you communicate is not with your words? Your face, volume, and our tone are other ways you communicate.

Here are a few things to ask yourself as you consider the way you communicate with others:

  • Am I approachable?
  • What does my face say to others?

How your face looks also sends a message. Make sure you’re sending the right message. Make sure your face lines up with your words and that both are life-giving.

Truth Matters: It’s so important to surround yourself with people who are open and transparent. The value of a confessing community cannot be overstated. Accountability and vulnerability are so vital to a healthy Christian walk. We must be intentional to be vulnerable. And we must also be vigilant to ensure we’re not spreading gossip or being a party to gossip. That is neither life-giving nor productive.

Timing Matters: Jesus waited until Lazarus died before He spoke to Mary and Martha. He came to the woman at the well at just the right time. He restored Peter at the perfect moment, knowing Peter had to receive before he could give. Today and every day we should ask the Lord to show us one person who needs a timely God-directed message.

Consider your timing. When people are tired, frustrated, worried, or upset, are they ready to hear? Will your approach cause an argument? Is your approach fueled by anger or adrenaline? Again . . . consider your timing!

Be willing to say, “Let me know when it would be a good time to talk.” Be willing to say, “I need a little time to calm down and approach the conversation with a sound mind and level head.”

Written Words Matter: Some things need to be written instead of spoken in order to fully express them. Consider writing letters, your story, and notes of encouragement. Try keeping a journal, writing your own psalms, and chronicling your prayer life.

Quote to Remember: Talk to God about people before you talk to people about God.Pastor Doug Sauder

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This Wednesday is week three of our five-week class on communication. During our time together, Pastor Reuben Ramsaran will go in depth on what it means to speak words of life and affirmation. Discover why we should only speak words that give grace to those who listen.

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