Weekend Message Takeaway: “Listening”

Have you ever thought about the way you communicate with God and others? Are you listening as God speaks to you? Do you make quiet time to hear from God? Do you intentionally listen to others or simply wait for your turn to talk? Have you ever wondered how technology is impacting the way we listen?

In week one of our special two-week series on communication, Pastor Doug shared practical biblical principles to help us listen to God and others well and gain a greater self-awareness. 

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For the Note Takers

Let’s recap some of the key talking points from Pastor Doug's message this weekend:

God Is Actively Speaking: God is a conversationalist. He speaks to us in various ways—prayer, His Word, nature, other people, etc.—and He is always speaking to us . . . The question is are we listening to Him? What are you doing to hear from Him?

There Is a Difference Between Hearing and Listening: Are you strategically listening to God and others, simply hearing what is said in order to figure out your next move or your response? This is what Jesus’ opponents did. Are you half-listening, simply waiting for your time to speak? If you listen this way, you will remain unchanged and lonely.

One of the best ways to show people you truly love and care for them is to actively listen to them. The average person cannot distinguish between being heard and being loved. Jesus did this intently. He listened deeply and gave people His full attention. He was present with them, He asked insightful questions.

How do you listen to people? Do you listen with your eyes? Are you distracted, looking everywhere, on your phone, disconnected from the conversation, from the person in front of you?

Are you so connected to technology that you’re disconnected from people? What’s the first thing you grab in the morning? What’s the last thing you touch at night? Our phones, tablets, and other devices are crippling our ability to be present and listen well to God and others. They have fundamentally changed the composition of our minds, releasing a steady stream of dopamine and overcharging the pleasure center of our brain. It seems that the more we progress as a society, the more we regress as people. It’s time we do something about it!

Consider creating media-free zones and blocks of time in your home. Track your phone time using an app like Moment. Have a basket for phones at meetings, the dinner table, for an hour or two on Sunday to have family time. Consider doing your devotionals with a printed Bible. Spend the first five minutes of your day in prayer and devotion.

Never Soul Search Alone: Know yourself . . . It’s easier said than done, isn’t it? We all want to know ourselves, but at the same time we really don’t! We all want to see the truth but often deny it when we come face-to-face with it. Often, people both seek and resist the reality of who they are. So how do we come to a place of true self-awareness? By searching with God!

When we look at our life through the lens of Scripture, when we allow Him to search us, when we use His Word as a guide to examine who we are, what we’re doing, and where we’re going, we can find the answers we need. When we do this, we can come to a place of true self-awareness, understanding who God is and who He says we are.

The best way to soul search with God is to create quiet time for connection. Block out chunks of unhurried time. Find time to meditate, contemplate, and commune with the Lord.

Quote to Remember: Listening is one of the keys to a life connected with God and others.Pastor Doug Sauder


This Wednesday, in week two of our practical class series on communication, Pastor Duane Roberts of our Boynton Beach campus will go in depth on different styles of communication.

This weekend, we’ll explore speaking. Learn how to talk to God, speak truth into your own life, resolve conflict, and engage in both the life-giving and difficult conversations in life

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