The Value of Traditions

In marriage, we bring together an eclectic collection of our traditions. Some of us have different cultures, backgrounds, and even regional areas that we must merge. Traditions help couples bring a piece of their individual stories and unite them into new ones. They are passed on and help us add warmth and layers to our homes. 

Holidays are an ideal time to create and participate in family traditions. Why do people want to go home for the holidays? Because people love to be around their family members! Have you ever noticed how traditions become the blanket of sentiment that we wrap ourselves in? Certain smells stir nostalgia and connects us back to our family. 
Traditions are also part of history. When you look at the Old Testament, the Israelites celebrated Passover because of the miracle God did for them. That particular tradition tells their story of freedom and it’s still passed down and celebrated today.
What are the traditions you will pass down in your family?  
Every Thanksgiving, we go around the table before we eat and pick one person we want to encourage, praise, and tell how much they mean to us. If you come to our house, you have to participate. We also remember our loved ones that are no longer with us. I love this tradition because it provides an intentional time for us to pause and reflect.
Don’t let the busyness of your daily routine cause life to pass you by without relaying the important things to your children. One day your turn to tell your story will end and your loved ones will carry it on. What do you want to do and say? What will your family remember the most about the home you’ve created? Keep in mind Zephaniah 3:17 (ESV), which says, “The Lord your God is in your midst . . . he will rejoice over you . . .” He celebrates with you!
Talk to your spouse about your favorite things you do together—traditional and untraditional. Here are some of our traditions:
Simple, Every Day Traditions Matter
In our house, Friday night is movie night. We all pile up on our couches and unplug. In fact, a year ago we purchased new couches, and in the furniture showroom we all had to approve of the new couches based on if they would comfortably contain all seven of us sprawled out for movie night (it was a sight to see). Repetition becomes routine, and routine becomes familiar to your family.
Seasonal Traditions Create Meaning
October: Ever year in October, we carve a pumpkin and talk about the icky parts of our lives we need God to change. We take out the seeds, toast them, and eat them. This reminds us of how God reveals the good in us admist all of our junk.
December: For Christmas, brunch is a must—and yes, we break out the fine china. Since we received the best gift in Jesus, we want to bring out our very best so we never forget what was given to us. We also buy a new ornament each year that represents some type of theme for the past year. Additionally, as a couple, we have always filled a shoebox for Compassion International.
January: At the start of every year, we pray over the new year and talk about our strengths and weaknesses as a couple.
February: To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we write simple love notes and have a fun dessert night to share in the sweetness of our marriage.
March/April/May: Spring brings about new things! We always do a deep cleaning together, window washing and all. We intentionally show the love of Jesus and bless another couple or person that the Lord places on our hearts. And finally, we agree on an amount of money and then give it away as a blessing.
June/July/August: We always have a summer bucket list. We have a list that we complete as husband and wife, as well as a family list of things we all like doing together. 
Vacations: We get a coffee mug from each state we visit! When we sit around together, we talk about our favorite and funny memories from our past vacations.
These are just a few examples of some traditions we practice as a couple and as a family. We would love to know what traditions you have! Remember, even the smallest things you do together are special. If you haven’t stopped to look at what traditions you have, talk about them over dinner. Maybe up until now you haven’t had time to set up some fun traditions—start today!
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