Weekend Message Takeaway: “Can I Ask You a Question?”

Why is worship so important? How does it impact your daily life? How should we worship? In this special topical message, Worship Pastor Andrew Wooddell shared the heart and purpose behind worship, what true biblical worship looks like, and what our response should be to His revelation.

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For the Note Takers

Let’s recap some of the key talking points from Pastor Andrew's message this weekend:

Worshiping Jesus Changes Our Perspective: What are you bringing to God? Is your posture to give or simply to receive from Him? When we have a heart of worship towards the Lord, it shifts the way we view and interaction with others. As we give our worship, time, talent, and treasure to God, it overflows to others.

Jesus Didn’t Come to Take Sides, He Came to Take Over!: Jews vs. Samaritans, conservatives vs. liberals, culture vs. tradition. Who is right? We’re asking the wrong questions. We’re focusing on the wrong things. Worshiping Jesus is not about taking sides, it’s about surrender. We worship Him in spirit and truth; it’s a way of life, it’s a beautiful relationship we’re invited in to.

What does spirit and truth look like? It’s looks like being conformed to His image! If you want to be like Jesus, you must love Jesus, love like Jesus, and inspire the next generation to love Jesus and worship Him.

Worship Is Responding to All God Is With All We Are: Will you worship Jesus? Will you give Him praise, honor, blessing, glory, and power? Mary made a choice . . . she chose the greater thing: to sit at Jesus’ feet, to listen to what He said, to know His love and truth.

Quote to Remember: For 33 years, in different buildings and different cities, the people of Calvary Chapel have chosen to worship Jesus.Pastor Andrew Wooddell

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Have you ever thought about the way you communicate with God and others? Are you listening as God actively speaks to you? Do you make quiet time to hear from God? Do you intentionally listen to others or simply wait for your turn to talk? Have you ever wondered how technology is impacts the way we listen?

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Whether you are single or married, younger or older, we believe these skills will enrich your relationships as you pursue an abundant life in Christ. We look forward to seeing you there!

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