Annual Report

On this page, you’ll find countless stories and outcomes that show God’s love, goodness, and faithfulness to work through the generosity of His people. Check out this year’s annual report or take a look back at all that God has done in and through Calvary over the years.

How Far Will It Go?

2021–2022: In the 2021–2022 Annual Report, you’ll get to read some truly amazing testimonies, stories, and figures that show how God has used your generosity to bring life, refreshment, healing, and blessing to our church, community, and around the world! 


For The One

2020–2021: Check out the 2021 annual report to read powerful stories and stats that show God’s faithfulness, the results of your generosity, and the resiliency of the Church.


This Is Our Story

2019–2020: In the 2019 Annual Report, you’ll get to see how the Lord worked and impacted lives through your generosity in new and unique ways in the midst of a global pandemic.


Going After The One

2018–2019: Take a look back to the 2018 Annual Report as we shared and celebrated all that God did through your generosity during the first year of the Calvary Vision.