21 Days of Prayer and Advocacy

Imagine what God could do through us if we all said YES to living generously and praying, fighting, and advocating for the people who have the most need in our cities.

Day 1

Write a list of a few ways you’ve seen the generosity of Jesus in your life.

Think about what brings you the most joy.

Day 2

Write down something you’ve learned from a generous person.

How did they inspire you to be generous toward others?

Day 3

Generosity is an act of worship!

Join us for morning prayer and worship on YouTube and Facebook every day at 7am as we intentionally reflect on God’s goodness with one another.

Day 4

Spend time talking to God about how you spend your time and money.

Ask Him to help you grow as a steward in these areas.

Day 5

Pray about an opportunity to meet a need for someone this week, and then take a moment to thank and worship the Lord for what He has given you.

Day 6

Reflect on ways you can be generous by sharing your story with someone in-person or on social media.

Day 7

How can you be generous with your time and be an active listener?

Talk to someone who is different than you and ask them to tell you their story.

Day 8



We’re passionate about making an impact and being a light in our local business community.

Watch this video from the Global Faith & Work Initiative to learn how you can respond!

Day 9



Many local church plants have lost their meeting spaces in this season.

As a family or small group, reach out to a local church and find out how you can meet a simple need they have or pray with their team.

Day 10



Make a huge difference in a student’s heart! Tutor or mentor a student virtually!

For more info, e-mail Vision2023@CalvaryFTL.org.

You can also make a difference by calling a teacher or school administrator and asking them how you can pray for them.

Day 11



Even in the midst of stress, we have an anchor in Jesus!

Watch this video on anxiety from Tony and Ali Davis to learn ways to cope with a crisis.

Visit our Couples Page for resources on other issues designed to encourage your family and marriage.

Day 12



Comfort someone who is lonely!

Use social media, send cards to a nursing home, or organize a caravan of love with your small group for a nursing home.

Day 13



Advocate for children in our cities. Visit 4KIDS.us and learn how you can become an advocate for children in foster care.

Sign up for a vision tour, volunteer opportunity, or donate to the cause today!

Day 14



Influence a young person who may be struggling today. Invite someone out for coffee or lunch, or meet on an online platform such as FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Hangouts.

Offer to be available to listen and get to know them!

Day 15



Encourage someone suffering with mental illness.

Read this article on Mental Health Care During Isolation for ideas on how you can care for someone in need of help.

Day 16



Write cards or letters of encouragement to administrators, teachers, and principals and drop them off at your child’s school or at a local school in your neighborhood.

Day 17



Exercise generosity towards an elderly neighbor! South Florida has one of the highest populations per capita of elderly people.

Visit Heart2Heart to learn how you can be a comfort to this vulnerable community.

Day 18



Show love to your spouse or encourage a couple you know! 

Pick up their favorite meal or treat and attach it to an encouraging note or verse.

Day 19



Stand in the gap of an at-risk child! You can be a huge support to a foster family by volunteering to bring them a meal!

E-mail Vision2023@CalvaryFTL.org to sign up.

Day 20



Impact the next generation! Read What Will It Take to ‘Disciple the Next Generation? ‘ to better understand their worldview and what you can do to help!

Day 21



Provide hope for those struggling with substance abuse and addiction!

See how Celebrate Recovery is helping people find freedom from their hurts, habits, and hangups.