Going After the One in 2019

As 2019 comes to a close, I’d like to share one more God-story with you before we ring in a new year.

I was walking down the hallway after church a few weeks ago when a woman excitedly approached me with a young girl standing next to her and told me, “She’s my one!” Her friend grinned and added, “Yes, I am her one!” As I stood there talking with them, I felt overwhelmed by God’s faithfulness to our church. I was standing in front of “one” who was given the hope of Jesus for the first time because one person went after her. Unlike so many imperfect gifts we might give or receive this Christmas, this gift never gets old! As I walked away, I couldn’t stop smiling, remembering the hundreds of souls who were saved in 2019 because the people of Calvary went out on a mission together.

Last year, we cast a vision to “go after the one” and together pursue 60,000 new disciples by the year 2023. We launched eight specific vision teams to help us build relationships with the most needy and hurting souls in our cities. We went into the areas of our region where deep social pain exists, and thousands of believers across all our campuses were mobilized to fast, pray, and invite “one” to church. As a church family, we did this because we deeply believe a relationship with Jesus changes everything.

As I consider the generosity of our church, and specifically the tithes and offerings you sacrificially gave to kingdom work, I am in awe of what God did this year. Like in the early church, each gift was an act of personal generosity and an example of spiritual stewardship to others. Your contribution to this mission changed eternal destinations across 10 campuses from Miami to Boynton Beach and in over 30 countries around the globe.

As we look ahead with great expectation to 2020, we know there will be many opportunities to share the gospel and make disciples. Your investment into our church is not only changing lives, but overflowing in countless expressions of thanks to God (2 Corinthians 9:12-13). Thanks for getting in the story!

In Christ,

Doug Sauder


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