Entrusted: Time - Panel

Time is the most valuable resource we've been given but it's the gift that is most easily taken for granted. Pastor Doug Sauder wraps up our "Entrusted" series leading a panel discussion about one of our most precious gifts from God: time.

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Who is Blameless?

October 8, 2015

When I was young, we'd play a game at the beach called Cut the Cake. We’d lie in the sand, make a mound, and put a stick at the top. Each person would cut away at the “cake” until the stick fell. Whoever made the stick topple was the loser and he or she would suffer some kind of consequence, like getting sand thrown at them.

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The Gift of Time

October 7, 2015

God has entrusted us with relationships. In light of the reality that people are eternal and everything else in temporary, we need to be intentional about how God is working within those around us. From strangers to those closest to us, here are a few stories of how relationships with others can reflect the very heart of God.

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